Sunday, 13 October 2013

Best Youtube Account Creator -Free Download

Hi, I am a C# programmer and I love programming. Recently, one of my friend asked me to create a youtube account creator bot. He said there is no working youtube account creators available on the internet. He spent too much time searching for one unsuccessfully. So I decided to create one for him. I thought it would be so easy, because I already created a number of bots. But after checking the signup page, I understood that youtube has some great anti-bot techniques. There is a parameter named bgresponse which is generated from a difficult javascript. This the reason why you are not seeing any working youtube bots. It is very difficult to create one.
       But If we can manually do this, then there should be a way to automate it. So I then I used real internet explorer browser to automate the process. But still I failed. Then I analyzed the page again. Now I realized that while typing every letter a random string is generated. So then I used a keyboard simulator to simulate real keyboard pressing, and finally the bot started working. Thank god. My friend was so happy. I really spent a great amount of time to create this bot. So I don't want this bot stay hidden from people, because it is really great from my other bots. So I created this blog.
     Now I am going to release this bot for free to all. Enjoy.

Download link:

Please leave a comment to appreciate my work, because I spent a lot of time to create this bot. Thanks.


  1. thats a great job,bro. thanks a lot

  2. This tool still works. Thank you for sharing :)