Thursday, 24 October 2013

Youtube Video Downloader Full Version 2014 [Updated]

Youtube Video Downloader Full Version 2014
Today, I am releasing a new tool. This is a youtube video downloader with a lot of features. You can see the list of all available formats. You can see the size of file before download. You can see the preview of the video before download. you don't need to goto youtube for searching. You can do this inside the software. Just enter your keyword and click search. now the software will grab all the results and show them within the software.  If you want to preview a video, just click on the tick sign near the video. To download a video, just click on prepare download. then in a few seconds, the software will show you the list of all possible file formats. Then just select the suitable file format and click download.
Download Link:

If you want to add any additional features, please leave a comment here. Thanks.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Free Youtube Downloader [Built in Search and preview feature]

Hi, today I am releasing my second tool. This is a youtube downloader. You can use this tool to download any video from youtube. Also it has a built in search and preview function that is not available with most the other downloaders.
How to use:
Usage is very simple.
*If you want to download from a specific url, for example then just enter this url in the textbox labelled video link.
*If you want to search for a video based on a keyword, then enter the keyword in the textbox shown near the keyword label and click search. Then wait a few seconds. After that, the tool will list all the 1st page results for your keyword. Then tick the video you want to preview and the video will load in the right side.
*Now for downloading the video video, click on the "Prepare Download button". Then the software list all available download formats along with size. Now click on the start download button and the download will start automatically.
* If you want to change the download directory, then all you need to do is click on browse button at the bottom. Then folder browser dialogue box will appear. Please navigate to the folder where you want the files to be downloaded an click OK.
That's it. Thank you for reading. If you want any additional features, please leave a comment.
Download Link:

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Best Youtube Account Creator -Free Download

Hi, I am a C# programmer and I love programming. Recently, one of my friend asked me to create a youtube account creator bot. He said there is no working youtube account creators available on the internet. He spent too much time searching for one unsuccessfully. So I decided to create one for him. I thought it would be so easy, because I already created a number of bots. But after checking the signup page, I understood that youtube has some great anti-bot techniques. There is a parameter named bgresponse which is generated from a difficult javascript. This the reason why you are not seeing any working youtube bots. It is very difficult to create one.
       But If we can manually do this, then there should be a way to automate it. So I then I used real internet explorer browser to automate the process. But still I failed. Then I analyzed the page again. Now I realized that while typing every letter a random string is generated. So then I used a keyboard simulator to simulate real keyboard pressing, and finally the bot started working. Thank god. My friend was so happy. I really spent a great amount of time to create this bot. So I don't want this bot stay hidden from people, because it is really great from my other bots. So I created this blog.
     Now I am going to release this bot for free to all. Enjoy.

Download link:

Please leave a comment to appreciate my work, because I spent a lot of time to create this bot. Thanks.